Sprinkler Systems

A) Sprinkler Pipes

Basic Information:

Sprinkler pipes are also called as QPC Pipes. They are used for sprinkler irrigation. 


  • Made up of virgin HDPE Material. 

  • Length is 6m or 20 feet.

  • Available in
    a) 63mm – 3.2kg
    b) 75mm – 2.5kg and 3.2kg
  • Reasonable cost.
QPC Pipe 6m

B) Impact and Mini Sprinklers

Basic Information:

There are two types of Sprinkler Nozzles.

Impact and Mini Sprinklers.

  1. Impact sprinkler is available in Plastic and Brass.
  2. Mini Sprinkler is available in Plastic. 

C) LLDPE Pipe and HDPE Pipe Coil

Basic Information:

A) LLDPE Pipe: 32mm Available.

B) HDPE Pipe Coil:
 – 32mm -> 50m and 100m Available
 – 40mm, 50mm, 63mm, 75mm, 90mm -> 50m


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