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"APRAS Polymers & Engineering Company Pvt Ltd" is incorporated in the year 1995. We are into designing, development, manufacturing and supply of plastic injection moulded products and their assemblies as per customers specification. Our product range includes Luggage components, Capacitor components, Irrigation products, Automotive parts, Industrial moulding and Extruded part. Our manufacturing setup includes Injection moulding, Design and Development centre, Quality lab, Assembly shop and Extrusion lines. We believe in total customer satisfaction with our main focus on quality, cost, delivery and services.


  • We will achieve excellence through managerial effectiveness to ensure the fulfilment of our core values.


  • To become the preferred manufacturing company for the Polymer Process Industry providing world-class products to satisfy customers through continual improvement driven by the integrity, teamwork and creativity of our people.
Our Values:
  • Satisfaction of Internal & External Customers
  • Cordial Work Environment
  • Continual Improvement (Including Excellence in manufacturing )
  • Business Development – Customer / Product / Service / Vendor
  • New Initiatives/Innovation in Product and Process
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Let us go forward in this battle fortified by conviction that those who labour in the service of a great and good cause will never fail.

We are total solutions provider in the field of
• Product Design
• Tool Design and Development
• Manufacturing & Assembly of Plastic & Metal components and Rubber parts.
• Polymer selection and application
• Product cost optimization
• Innovative ideas
• Prototype moulds
• Capacitor terminal development
• Kanban & JIT supply chain
•Well equipped Laboratory.

Our Story

Our Story

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Our Mission

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